These are THE CALL’s endorsements for the June 2, School Board and Special Election.

Question 1

One of the things that we have learned during this pandemic period is the importance of first responders and their vital role in our communities. Yes, they need funding for vehicles and equipment to make sure that they can respond and when they do, the equipment that they have is safe.

However, in these tough economic times should taxpayers foot the bill for yet another tax for the Fire department on top of the millions of dollars they currently receive? THE CALL’s reluctance in endorsing the tax is that the Department and their political arm have had from the cancellation of the April election to now to assure the public and THE CALL that it is a good time to tax people, an additional 1/2 cent in sales tax. Many voters in the black community, every week, line up for blocks to get free food at various churches throughout the community just to survive. Many voters are facing evictions June 1 from their apartments due to rent that they couldn’t afford before the pandemic much less now. They have failed to make the case that they will be and have been good stewards over the tax monies that they currently collect and they haven’t. And it’s not like fire fighters or EMTs are complaining about having to get a jump start in their 56 Ford pick-up truck to get to an emergency. But their polling numbers have been good so why bother?

Certainly their representatives have mentioned in the past an oversight board to ensure that they are being good stewards, but once the tax is passed there is no mandate that such a Commission will be put in place.

In addition, their has been and continues to be racial issues within the Department, lawsuits alleging discrimination and even sexism issues that have never truely been addressed by the Department or the City Council, but their polling numbers have been good so why bother?

For those reasons THE CALL recommends a NO vote on Question 1

Board of Trustees Junior College 

District Of Metropolitan Kansas City, Mo.