By Jim “Granddad” Nunnelly

Special To THE CALL

MONDAY NITERS DON’T UNDERSTAND MEDICARE However, one of the things that we have found out quickly that Medicare don’t cover everything. So we’re dedicating this column, to caregivers. who need a basic understanding of what Medicare is and what it’s not.

But, before we get into explaining the various “parts” of Medicare, here’s some of the things, we would have talked about, if we were able to chat freely and openly.

First off, we’d be talking about this police killing black men thing. Yes, it happened again this week and we would be all over that subject. Mainly, because we have all been young men and things have not changed, since we were young. Our parents worried about us and tried to tell us that this “race thing” is huge, especially if you are a young black male. Also, we would have probably chatted about the big insurers have now decided to reduce the costs of insulin, after all these years. How many people had to go broke or die, before they realized that people could not pay for this life-preserving medications. Anyway, we would have said all together, in unison, “about time”. 

Moreover, we are suspicious as to how it’s going to work out through Medicare. 

Speaking of Medicare, we would have said that we wish we had prepared to spend more, because first off, Medicare does NOT cover every illness or sickness event. So we would have called in a consultant, like Lana McKinney to help us understand the complications and omissions of Medicare. She’s a gerontologist by training. That’s someone, who specializes in solving issues, associated with aging. So what follows is her comments and insights, about Medicare, as we know it today.