By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
Managing Editor THE CALL


QUESTIONS OVER POLICE CONDUCT . . . Breona or Briya Hill’s face clearly show scares sustained after an altercation with Kansas City, Mo., Policeofficers. Officers Matthew Brummett, 37, and Charles Prichard, 47, contend that Hill slammed her own face on the concrete in May 2019, and what
the video highlights is the officer trying to protect and prevent Hill from further injury. The officers were indicted by a Grand Jury on misdemeanor assault charges because Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker contends the Department, by an email admission of its own will not give her statements of Probable Cause for officer related incidents. Hill was killed in October 2019 in an unrelated. Roderick Reed, the citizen who videoed the incident received a ticket and fines for disobeying a Police order. City Councilwoman Katheryn Shields is introducing an ordinance that would protect
citizens videoing such acts in the future from being punished by Police.

Mayor Quinton Lucas recently appointed a new group that is charged with finding ways for the city to respond to continuing violence, which has persisted even during a virtual shutdown because of the coronavirus.

The Public Safety Study Group, one of many groups and task-forces appointed by previous Mayors when violent crime begins to escalate out of control, will consider such topics as reducing homicides and gun violence, possible local control of the police force and improving relations between police and the community.

The group will have until September 30 to present recommendations to Mayor Lucas. He would then introduce ordinances to the City Council or legislative action to the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners.

Several task-force recommendations from previous task-forces that included former Mayor Pro Tem Alvin Brooks and Dr. Stacey Daniels Young have gone into great detail, but none of the recommendations have been implemented.