As the parent of a black male child and even the grandfather of two black male children, my heart goes out to all of the parents who have lost their sons by way of senseless gun violence in this country.

Ahmaud Arbery is just the latest in a dictionary full of heart wrenching stories of an innocent black man who was brutally killed by white men for no other reason other than the fact that he was black. But, the agonizing aspect to his story, like so many others is, will justice be served? The answer: Probably not.

Although the District Attorney in Georgia recused themselves from the case the stage was set by reporting that the murder was in “self-defense” according to a Georgia law that includes “citizen’s arrest”. So whatever evidence that is presented to the Grand Jury will include the elements for “citizen’s arrest” and a get out of jail free,card in the same manner as George Zimmerman when he murdered Trayvon Martin.

Like so many other cases in which black men have been killed at the hands of white men for whatever reason, there is no rationale behind sending this case to the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury is where the Hocus Pocus takes place under the guise of justice. To quote a street phrase, charging those men who murdered Arbery who have not even been arrested for the murder, “is a no brainer’.

Black families who have lost loved ones to white males and even Police officers can equate “citizen’s arrest” to the infamous Police statement, “I feared for my life”.

I have never been a fan of prosecutors presenting such cases to Grand Juries, because the community or even the family never know what evidence was presented and how it was presented. The community just gets the final decision, “a no true bill”.

A better way to handle such cases is for the prosecutors, who are elected by the people to make decisions, to file the indictment and present a case to a jury and let 12 people decide the fate of the accused after hearing all of the facts from both sides. Prosecutors are simply kicking the can down the road and that is not fair to the families and pretty much gives a green light to officers or anyone else that black male life is not valuable.

Terrance Bridges, 30, was shot and killed by a Police officer on May 26, 2019, after Police alleged that he was involved in an armed carjacking, and then allegedly forced his way into a home before getting into a confrontation with the officer who killed him.

It was later determined that Bridges was not involved in any carjacking and did not have a gun on him at the time of him being killed by Police or if any command was ever given by the officer that Bridges did not obey.

A Grand Jury was presented with instructions that may not have fit the elements of the shooting as it actually occurred. Manslaughter has various elements.

Ryan Stokes who was fatally shot by police in 2013 had his case presented to a Grand Jury and in spite of all of the overwhelming evidence was issued a “a no true bill”.

Cameron Lamb, 26, was shot and killed by Police as he backed his vehicle into his drive-way. Not much is known after that because there is no statement of probable cause. If there is one it hasn’t been released to the prosecutor’s office.

Kansas City, Mo. Police have a perfect record when it comes with killing citizens they are paid to protect and serve. THE CALL has been unable to find any record where a Kansas City, Mo., Police officer has ever been indicted by a Grand Jury and been charged with murdering one of their citizens. The law of averages reflects that at least one Police involved shooting that lead to a murder was a bad shooting.