By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Managing Editor

For, maybe, the first time in modern history most church pews were empty on one of the most well attended holidays
the year, Resurrection Sunday.

More than likely most churches will be just as empty through the Kansas City area on Mother’s Day as the City
will be still under the stay-athome ordinance set forth by Mayor Quinton Lucas.

The question is, has being closed for almost two months had an impact on the church? How do pastors, once the
“stay-at-home” order is lifted, reverse the trend of “praise in your pajamas” and get members back in the pews?

On Monday, April 27, Bishop Mark Tolbert hosted a panel discussion on the coronavirus titled, “Plague, Promise of Pandemic?” The panel discussion included Congressman/ Rev. Emanuel Cleaver II, Bishop C. Shawn Tyson and Dr. Jamal
Bryant and Bishop Noel Jones.

The panel shared some profound thoughts on where the church is in retrospect of the virus and its impact on the

“God has definitely hit the reset button, Bishop Tolbert said.

“It has taken us some time to understand what He is trying to tell us. That is why people keep talking about reopening,
reopening and God is saying reset,” Bishop Tolbert said.

Bishop Tyson said that two words have impacted him during this time. Those two words are, “be still.”

“There are two words that God has been resounding in my spirit, be still,” Bishop Tyson said.

“I believe that God is reintroducing himself to number one, the church. Then the church must re-introduce God to the
world,” he said.