For some strange reason people have a tendency to not take medical situations seriously.

For example, every man knows of at least one male friend or associate who has died from or
are dealing with issues related to prostrate cancer. Yet, we refuse, in many cases, to go and get
a regular prostrate exam.

Likewise, women know at least one female friend or relative who is dealing with breast cancer,
but won’t take the time to take a breast exam.

How about those suffering from diabetes who will not hesitate to pile up a plate with macaroni
and cheese, good ole’ southern fried chicken, fried catfish, corn bread and an ice cold pitcher,
not glass, of the sweetest lemonade a person could make.

Then there are those who ignore the warning on the side of a pack of cigarettes that tell the
consumer that the habit of smoking with eventually kill you.

Knowing of our past and current behaviors I was not shocked, surprised or even alarmed
when I saw footage of people who were out in Swope Park hanging out or those on the basketball court. In fact, that type of behavior is the norm.

In case no one has noticed this COVID – 19 disease and its effects are very, very serious. Over
the past week the community lost a great gospel musician due to possible coronavirus exposure before stay at home and small group recommendations were put into effect. Several more are suffering and I hope that we are keeping them and their families in our prayers.

Most importantly, I hope that the community starts to adhere to the directives and start staying at home unless it is absolutely necessary. Wash your hands. If you don’t feel well stay at home and from around others.

Over 1,600 people in the state have tested positive for the virus and every day the death toll
nationally and worldwide continues to rise at alarming numbers and this week we were all
told that it is going to get worse over the next few weeks.

So encourage people to take this virus seriously, because fat meat is definitely greasy.